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This site is providing technical information based on LAMP stack. My primary focus is on web systems and services, such as LAMP stack, Amazon Web Services(EC2, S3 and SQS) and software tools, plus Oracle Databse. I invite you to stop by the blog, where you can read and comment on programming, scientific posts or the information.

303 - Firewall in CentOS 7

The firewall service in CentOS provided by firewalld is dynamic rather than static because changes to the configuration
can be made at anytime and are immediately implemented, there is no need to save or apply the changes.
No unintended disruption of existing network connections occurs as no part of the firewall has to be reloaded.

To enable firewalld, run the following command as root:

302 - ORA-46267 DBMS_AUDIT_MGMT.init_cleanup

1. ORA-46267: Insufficient space in 'string' tablespace, cannot complete operation

Cause: Could not complete the operation because the DBMS_AUDIT_MGMT API involved movement of one
           or more audit tables and there was not enough space in the destination tablespace.
           Maybe it was SYSAUX or SYSTEM tablespace.

Action: You should extend it as enough space available to purge.



You can check AUDIT_TRAIL parameter as the following. If it is "OS", audit information is stored in the AUDIT_FILE_DEST.

SQL> show parameters AUDIT_TRAIL

SQL> show parameters AUDIT_FILE_DEST


300 - Move Audit Trail Tables

1. Tablespace Check

SQL> SELECT table_name, tablespace_name FROM   dba_tables WHERE  table_name IN ('AUD$', 'FGA_LOG$') ORDER BY table_name;


2. Create a new table space for Audit Trail

299 - Oracle Audit Management

From 11g, Oracle by default enable auditing with 'DB' option. 
That means audit information will be stored in database table.
This information is useful, but apart from lot of benefits, the auditing raises performance issues and
disk space problem.

 * Too much activity especially unnecessary information will being audited.
 * AUD$ table still placed in the SYSTEM tablespace since the database creation.
 * SYSTEM tablespace is growing forever and occupied the disk space.

298 - BULK INSERT with identity (auto-increment) column

1. Add an id column to the csv file and leave it blank:


,name1,addr test 1
,name2,addr test 2


2. Remove KEEPIDENTITY keyword from query:

BULK INSERT Employee  FROM 'path\tempFile.csv '


297 - How to find the port for MS SQL Server

Click on Start button in Windows. Go to All Programs -> Microsoft SQL Server 20xx -> Configuration Tools -> SQL Server Configuration Manager

Click on SQL Native Client 10.0 Configuration -> Client Protocols -> TCP/IP double click ( Right click select Properties ) on TCP/IP

You will find Default Port 1433.

Depending on connection, the port number may vary.


296 - Salesforce.com Rest password by APEX

if you want to check the User Id and user pass their username, you can just copy
and paste statement below into Apex Code execute box:

System.setPassword([SELECT Id FROM User WHERE username='[email protected]'].Id, 'pass123');

Below sample script to set password of all active user in one go:

295 - VMware Tools fail to start after a Linux guest kernel upgrade

If you are using VMware 4.x, you encounter this problem.

1. symptoms

 - VMware Tools fail to start after a Linux guest operating system kernel upgrade.
 - VMware Tools fail to run after booting to a different Linux guest operating system kernel.
 - The guest operating system loses network connectivity if the NIC type is not E1000.


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