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163 - CentOS : How to install OS using net installation.

Downloading CentOS iso image is painful, you have to get 8 iso images from the download site or get torrent DVD.
If you use the torrent DVD, you need a software (bittorrent).

CentOS NetInstall is basically installing from a very small downloaded ISO image which downloads the needed files to complete the full operating system
installation. The following explains the process of installing CentOS 6.0 using the HTTP NetInstall method. This method is much faster for basic systems
since you don't have to download a lot of ISO files.

1. Download a netinstall iso image from CentOS.org or a mirror site.

2. Create an installation CD from an iso image.

  If you are going to install it into VMWare ESX, the iso image can be used for that as it is.

3. Power on the machine and start the CentOS installation.

  * URL : http://mirror.centos.org/centos-6/6.0/os/x86_64/

4. The installer try to read images/install.img






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Story | by Dr. Radut